Happy Tuesday-Monday, folks! I spent the long weekend celebrating birthdays and Presidents and catching up with friends and family.But, the “vacation” had to end some time, and here I am, sitting in my office, taking a little break to write this post for you all.

I am currently in the process of writing a post highlighting the necklace I made over the weekend for a coworker’s friend. This post is the second “distraction” post I have started to go along with the necklace feature. You see, I like to make sure that when I refer to certain type or cuts of beads, I have a post to link back to, explaining what I’m talking about. All this beading jargon makes perfect sense to me, and I hope to help you make sense of it, too!

So, that brings me to rondelles. I love rondelles. They’re extremely versitile, and usually very sparkly. According to, in terms of jewelry, a rondelle is “a flat bead, often of rock crystal or onyx, used in a necklace as a spacer between contrasting stones.” Although, like all beads, rondelles can be faceted or smooth, I tend to go for the faceted ones. You all should know me by now – I can’t resist a good sparkle!

I hope I have further helped in your understanding of the beading world. Stay tuned for more info pieces, working up to the big finish!

Into the Ocean Bracelet


Previously named “Blue Cubic Zircon Bracelet” (incorrectly, I might add!), it was time to update this cute little’s bracelet’s image. I went with ocean “imagery” because the different hues of blue made me think of the ocean. Depending on the day, location, weather, etc. the ocean can be a variety of different shades. Plus, I’m starting to get spring fever, which automatically launches me into summer fever. Summer is my favorite season!

So why did I say that this bracelet was previously incorrectly named? You may know from my last post that cubic zirconia and zircon are two different things. Well, until yesterday, yours truly did not know that. So glad I will never make that embarrassing mistake again!

By this point you may have figured out that these blue beauties are cubic zirconia beads. I simply love cubic zirconia. The colors can be so vibrant, and the sparkle is so brilliant. To connect the beads, I created wire wraps using 26 gauge half hard sterling silver wire. To one end, I slid a sterling soldered jump ring in before closing off the wrap. To the other, I added a sterling spring ring clasp. And, there you have it! The “Into the Ocean Bracelet” by Thinkin’ About Diamonds!

This bracelet is available for $15 at

The Beauty of Briolettes

"Organized Chaos" LookThe briolette cut could possibly be my favorite gemstone cut. Alone, it can provide an eye-catching center piece for a necklace. A few briolette beads falling from different lengths of chain result in an elegant, waterfall type look. Strung together on beading wire, briolettes create a kind of organized chaos look. By this point, you have surely heard (or read, more like it) me reference briolettes in a number of my pieces. And like most things that I have not yet explained, may not have known exactly what I mean when I say that the beads are briolettes (though you may have figured it out by now!).

"Waterfall" Look

It’s actually pretty simple, briolettes are beads cut in a teardrop, or pear, shape. They can be either smooth or faceted, though my preference is almost always to have them faceted. I can’t resist a good sparkle! I love to work with briolettes because it is definitely a less is more cut of stone. Sure, you can put a lot together for a fun, unique look. But just one or two in a single piece of jewelry can be just as stunning.

I hope I’ve helped you understand and appreciate the beauty of briolettes. Look for many more pieces featuring them in the future!